My first blog post !!

Hello World! I am Pratik Khasnabis. I have been working the world of IT for over 18 years now. I have experienced quite a variety of software development projects, people, methodologies and management style. I always feel that I can contribute to the tech community to share my experience and knowledge. I do that all the time at work, so why not on a bigger stage.

One thing I take to my heart that, in this industry, to survive and progress you will continually have to learn new things. As Eric Bloom has written Your technology skills have a two year half-life. What I write here may not be unique but at least blogging gives me an outlet to show what I have been learning and in someway me writing about some tech will solidify my own understanding of it and increase my mastery.

Some of the best and inspiring technology gurus like Scott Hanselman and here in Australia, Troy Hunt are prolific bloggers. Not only do they blog their blog posts are neat, thorough and set the standards. I am inspired by such blogs. I have procrastinated for a long time to write my own tech blog. Well it is never too late to start and hence finally I made a determination to start this blog.

About the blog

In my day job as an architect I am working on Azure cloud computing platform and API design/security. So expect a few posts in these areas naturally.
But I want to learn something new. I am interested in delving into data science and machine learning. This is outside by comfort zone but I will give it a shot and blog as I go, unearthing data science as I understand.

Choosing Ghost

I spend a couple days to choose my blogging platform. I was thinking about using Github pages with Jekyll to create a static blog. But being on windows platform and reading about getting Jekyll running using an unfamiliar technology (ruby) and with a desire to control my blog more I wasn't satisfied with the choice. Then I remember reading about Troy Hunt's blog post on why he chose Ghost and the rationale is very compelling. Yes it will cost me some money but then it is also a motivation for me to post regularly and not letting that money go to waste.
I will probably now spend a few more days to select a theme and tune my blogs UX. In the meantime I am getting my next posts content ready.

Pratik Khasnabis

Solution architect, Azure expert, API designer, C# programmer, Data Science learner, IT geek and Star Wars fan. MCSD Azure Solution Architect, MCSD Web Applications and TOGAF certified.